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Online Lead Generation For Private Schools and Trade Schools.

Online Marketing

Online lead generation for your online or campus based school.

Private Schools Online and Campus Based Educational Programs

Trade and Specialty Schools. Online and Campus Based Programs

High Schools
Performing Arts schools
Catholic schools

Beauty and Cosmetology
Film and Acting

Online High School Courses, Diploma and GED Programs.

Online and Campus Based Degree and Certificate Programs.


Higher Education Online Lead Generation Colleges and Universities.

Internet lead Generation


Since 1996 we have been providing world class lead generation services. Our websites and internet marketing services have produced millions of web visitors generating millions of dollars in revenue. AD web designs offers expert SEO and PPC services for online lead generation. Local and national Internet marketing campaigns for Colleges and Universities increasing student enrollments for online and campus based degree programs.



Some of our contract work includes lead generation for major colleges and Universities including:

Abilene Christian University

A.T. Still University
Boston University
Columbia College
Florida State
Indiana Tech
Iowa Central college
Norwich University

Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Enrollment

AD Web Designs works very close with your IT and enrollment counselors to determine not only cost per lead CPL but follow the lead through the enrollment process to determine the cost per student enrollment.

Search Engine Optimization For School Websites.

Here is one example of SEO of a college website. AT Still University was not showing up on the first page for their most important degree programs. The project was contracted out to AD Web Designs Bill Scott. Bill has been performing SEO services since 1996 and is credited for been a pioneer in the SEO field.

An SEO plan was developed and implemented and with in just a few months engineered first page ranking for hundreds of keyword combinations.

SEO for Degree Programs

Why is SEO so important for a school's enrollment success?

95% of traffic comes from first page of search results.
To illustrate - of the 8.9 million non-branded visitors
tracked in the study just over 8.5 million
came from the first page of search results (95.3%),
just over 232,000 came from page two (8.7%) and around
180,000 came from page three onwards (1.7%).


Web Design Services For Schools and Colleges

Phoenix AZ Website Development

Our agency offers many web design options.

Everything from complete websites to lead generating microsites to pay per click landing pages.

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SEO | Schools and Higher Education

Hire the BEST Search Engine Optimization Agency!

Many school websites are in need of search engine optimization. If your website is not showing up on the first page in search engines. Your school is missing out on 95% of all enrollment opportunities! Our agency can develop local and national SEO campaigns.

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Consulting Services
Tired of 3rd Party Lead Gen?

Google Adwords Company

Stop buying educational leads that are sold to multiple schools and colleges. Our agency is not in the lead broker business. We develop custom online marketing campaigns for your specific school and your specific programs. We can consult with your marketing and IT staff how to generate "exclusive leads" inhouse.

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