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How to turn your hobby or interest into an online business.

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Internet Marketing 101


This is a real life internet marketing project. I will be creating a new web site as well as reporting on the progress and hopefully providing insite to a question I hear constantly from family and friends which is "how can I make money on the Internet"?

I will take my hobby domain name which is and hopefully within this year create a site that is generating a postitive cash flow. ( No pressure)


Classic Video Games


Classic video games is a domain name I have owned for several years. I bought that domain name because I find video games a great way to relax and find it entertaining with friends. Now lets take a look at the site in its current state of development and track the progress starting in Jan 2010 and follow it.

As the project matures I will be creating pdfs and may even turn it into a blog.

Step 1 Step 1



This is a down and dirty tutorial on how to make money online. This web project will start from being to end. Please send any questions or comments to
Internet Marketing

I will cover these items and more over this real time internet marketing training course.

Choosing the right domain name
Hosting and Web design
Search engine optimization aka SEO
Monetizing your web site
Using social media to drive traffic online
monthly tracking results
blogs,rss article writing and Link Building
- and more ways to make money online!

Internet Marketing and Web Design.